Meet the Glaciologists

Joe Todd
Thursday 20 October 2016

We kicked off our glaciology group with a “Meet the Glaciologists” seminar session in the Department of Geography and Sustainable Development today.

Doug discussed the importance of glaciological research to the wider scientific community and policy makers, the large uncertainties in sea level rise projections to 2100 and the challenges of upscaling research to the global scale. Tom discussed his previous work on subglacial hydrological systems and his current project looking at how fjords module the interaction of the Greenland Ice Sheet and the ocean. Joe presented results from his 3D calving model and discussed the calving regime of Store Glacier, West Greenland. Heidi finished up with a presentation on surge glaciers, their importance, the various hypotheses to explain their behaviour, and a discussion of her recent fieldwork in Svalbard and ongoing remote sensing work.

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