Follow the links below to find out more about some of the major projects led by members of St Andrews Glaciology:

FjordMIX: Fjord Dynamics and Modulation of Ice/Ocean Exchange

FjordMIX (2022-2025) is a NERC funded project which seeks to advance our understanding of the influence of fjord processes on the interaction of the Greenland Ice Sheet with the ocean, through the development of a novel fjord-modelling framework and its application on an ice-sheet wide scale.

DOMINOS: Disintegration of marine ice sheets – novel optimised simulations

DOMINOS (2017-2022) is a NERC/NSF funded project which aims to reduce uncertainty in the rate of mass loss from Thwaites Glacier and adjacent regions of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, an area vulnerable to potentially catastrophic ice sheet instabilities.

CALISMO: Calving laws for ice sheet models

CALISMO (2017-2021) is a NERC-funded project that aims to radically improve the accuracy of sea-level rise predictions through the development and application of new calving laws for ice sheet models.