Heïdi Sevestre


Heidi is a Postodoctoral Research Fellow in glaciology at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. In 2015, she was recently awarded her PhD by the University of Oslo, although she spent the 4 years of her thesis living and working on the archipelago of Svalbard, in the Norwegian Arctic. Her passion for glaciers stems from her childhood spent hiking up and down mountains in the French Alps. Before focusing on glaciology, her studies in geography and geology would take her to Annecy (France) and Aberystwyth (Wales, UK).

In addition being involved in a multitude of field campaigns in Svalbard for the project CRIOS, Heidi has also participated to expeditions in Greenland (GAP project), the Nepalese Himalayas, Alaska, Iceland and Antarctica (MIDAS project). Although fieldwork is her one true passion, her work combines statistics, remote sensing techniques and (soon!) modelling to better understand the behaviour of surging glaciers.


Research interests:

Glacier dynamics

Surging glaciers

Ice shelf stability

Field techniques

Remote sensing of snow and ice